Husband & Wife Photography Duo List The Top 5 Destination Wedding Locations

For engaged couples who love to travel a lot, the venue is the first and probably the most important wedding planning decision you’ll need to make.  And while the standard church location is a good choice, sometimes venues such as beach houses or the back of your yard is rather plain in comparison. And because of this, many young couples would opt to go to a different country just to celebrate their much awaited matrimonial ceremony.

In the wedding photography business, there’s one that stands out from the rest – Chris and Becca Photography. As a destination wedding photographer, they are at their best when they take photos of the newlyweds with the jaw-dropping view in the background.

Well, most photographers have a lot of personal favorites when it comes to the location of the venue, particularly in different countries. And as for Chris and Becca, a husband-and-wife team of photographers who has many years of experience taking gorgeous photos for newly married couples and their weddings, they have traveled all over the world providing photographs in every locales and venue.

When asked about the top five wedding venues in the world, they have shortlisted some of the best countries they have yet to cover and recommend these to couples when they plan for the venue of their wedding, and maybe even for a honeymoon right after that!


destination wedding photographer

Famous for the Tokoriki Island Resort, which was nominated as one of the most romantic hotels in the world. The resort is considered by those who have held ceremonies there as the best venue having a bit of an islander look but a more luxurious feel.


One of the most elegant and romantic places to say your vows would be in the land of love that offers a lot of breathtaking architectural structures and landscapes that will stand as a beautiful backdrop for your wedding.

South Africa

Whether you are looking at the wine estates and beaches of Cape Town, the cosmopolitan hotels of Johannesburg, or an eco-friendly theme that will bring a safari fantasy to life, South Africa is the best dream wedding destination for you.


While many couples do not think of Croatia when it comes to overseas wedding venues, those who have been there would fondly remember the Valamar Dubrovnik President Hotel for a more authentic waterfront Croatian wedding, as well as Croatia’s signature food at the after-wedding gourmet reception.


If you and your wife want to hold the ceremony in beautiful South America, then Argentina is the place to be, with the Eco-lodge Estancia Peuma Hue, bring the best wedding venue in Argentina where you and your wife can learn the tango, taste the finest wine, and end the say by basking in the gorgeous view that overlooks a turquoise lake in the Andes.

No Funding for Chiropractic Services Will Cost Albertans in Many Ways


Chiropractic therapy is known as one of the most helpful and cost-effective therapies that are getting a huge response from the people. Like all other places of the world, the people of Alberta are also welcoming this therapy in both hands. The reason behind the same is that the citizens of Alberta are fetching more benefits by using this therapy rather than the conventional ways of medical treatment. Due to this positive response from the people of Alberta the state government of Alberta is used to fund the chiropractic projects and due to the same the chiropractor Edmonton can treat their patients at a very cheap cost. This was beneficial for both the chiropractors and the patients as the patients can get their treatment at a much cheaper cost and the professionals also get more patients and help of the government funding in order to introduce new technologies and systems in place. For detail information you can click on company website.

The dismay

When with the help of the government funding and a positive response from the people chiropractic practice is seeing a new direction, then suddenly government has announced no funding policy for the chiropractic services. The experts from the Alberta College and Association of Chiropractors spoke against this new government policy and also showed clear dissatisfaction against it too. According to them due to this funding, the people of Alberta used to get the chiropractic services at an affordable cost and not only that due to the funding the chiropractor Edmonton professionals also able to introduce new mechanisms and advanced instruments as well. But now due to the declaration, they will not be able to get any support from the government. Apart from that, the worst part is that now the Albertans has to shell more money in order to get chiropractic services.

If you have to go by the reports more than 10000 Albertans send letters to the health ministry and to the MLA department in support of the funding for the chiropractic services. But the government took their decision disregarding the public’s opinion. Officials from the Alberta College and Association of Chiropractors tried to get in touch with the health minister in order get a rational explanation behind this move but every time they failed to contact him.


The effects of this decision

Though the chiropractic services associated with the manual adjustment of the spine and other parts, but now due to catering more advanced services to the patients each and every chiropractor Edmonton uses various instruments. These instruments help them to diagnose the problems in a better way and thus accurate treatments can be rendered. But now due to this decision of the government the scenario will change drastically and the patients have to either pay more or have to be satisfied with the limited services. The reason is that the devices come with hefty price tags and without funding it is almost impossible to buy those machinery.  Thus now the chiropractor Edmonton practitioners now have to depend on basic treatment therapies and services that can be catered without the help of that latest equipment.


World Class Treatments In Your Own Backyard

Everyone wants to have a good physical appearance with a smooth skin that is free from unwanted hair. However, most people believe that they cannot find decent beauty treatment services here in Texas –this is a misguided belief. The fact is, there are numerous beauty treatment service providers in Houston; they have the latest technology and a team of highly skilled professionals to make sure that you receive customized, excellent services. Furthermore,


their services are designed to suite your budget; for instance, laser hair removal cost here is almost the lowest you can find anywhere in the world, in particular with the associated high quality.

Then again, most beauty treatment centers in Houston understand that people have different needs. Therefore, most of them have different packages to suite your needs. These facts are a clear indication that you do not have to travel to any other place in pursuit of world-class beauty treatment, as you have it is all right here in Houston, Texas. In this article, we shall focus on laser hair removal cost in Houston.

Laser Contouring Center

Here, you are offered a whole year of laser removal of more than 90% of your hair. For just 89 dollars, you receive an entire year of unlimited hair removal on two small areas like the chin and sideburns; and a single medium area like underarms and the abdomen. You could also opt to pay 199 dollars for a whole year of unlimited hair removal on two medium areas and a large area like full bikini area and the legs.

New Look Aesthetics

With New Look Aesthetics, you are guaranteed of more than 95% hair removal offered in three packages. The first one is where you pay 67 dollars for a whole year of unlimited hair removal on a small area; the second one is where you pay 126 dollars for unlimited whole-year removal on a side-of-facemedium area; the third one costs you 224 dollars for a whole year unlimited removal on 2 medium areas and a single large area.

Yana Skincare

At Yana Skincare, you receive more than 80% hair removal; they have three packages for you. The first one costs you 74 dollars for six sessions on one small area; the second one costs you 174 dollars for six sessions on one medium area, and the third one costs you 274 dollars for six sessions on a large area.


The above examples are just a reflection of the affordable beauty treatment services here in Texas. The fact is, these services are not only very affordable but also readily available. Feel free to leave your feedback or contact us for further assistance in finding laser hair removal Houston and other beauty treatment services in Houston.

Scrubbing Up After Wild Guest


Renting your house out is a common practice. It is a secure way to earn some money on a regular basis. The tenants move in and pay you the rent for that particular time. They are responsible for maintaining the house during the renting period. However, there are times when some paying guests do not leave the house the way you had given it to them. They make up a messy trash out of it and leave it for you to clean up.

Owning a house and renting it out to earn money do not come without the left behind stains of the not-so-clean tenants. You might find it hard to scrub up the whole house yourself after your wild tenants are gone. Sometimes, even the efforts of an entire family do not sum up enough to remove the dirt from the couches and curtains. That is the time when you need help. Although, it is a relevant term but becomes detrimental when you own a rental house and are too busy or fatigued to clean it up yourself. That is when a house cleaning NYC service comes handy.

A house cleaning service is an outsourced version of the regular domestic housemaid. You don’t have to pay it for the whole year. You can call them to come up and clean the left-over mess of the previous tenants anytime. After completion of the task, you pay them, and they are gone. The procedure of getting them to serve you is this simple, and they provide many excellent services. If you find them useful, you can call them again next time or refer them to any other friend facing a similar scenario.

These housekeeping companies offer a variety of cleaning services through their trained productive workers. They clean every part of the house from the kitchen to the roof. They clean, scrub and sanitize the sinks and vanities. They tile walls and wash floors and windows. They wash, press and hang up the curtains. Sometimes, they offer lawn maintenance as well.

The services of a house cleaning NYC company do not limit to scrubbing up after the wild guests only. They provide furniture polishing and post-construction cleaning as well. That means you can leave all of the time-consuming cleanup work on them and focus on other delicate matters yourself. Therefore, hiring the services of a cleaning company is never a wrong decision.

Don’t Avoid Dental Work Because Of Financial Restrictions


Are you aware of how regularly you should have dental check-ups? Dentists advise that you seek comprehensive dental care, at least, thrice annually. However, there has been a worrying trend given the number of people turning up for professional dental assistance. Most individuals that don’t have regular dental checks mainly cite financial constraints as the number one cause of this misfortune. However, as VanderLugt & Mulder Dental in Grand Rapids advise, financial restrictions should not keep you from professional dental assistance. Various dental facilities and non-health institutions like insurance companies have availed several other financing options for dental health.

Financing options available
Apart from the over the counter cash payments that most dental patients are accustomed to, the health industry has evolved and is accepting other payment methods for their services. For instance, you can contact any of the Grand Rapids dentist, and they will set up a flexible payment plan for you. This plan may be either prepaid or evenly spread out over a given period. Additionally, you may consider taking out a dental cover with your medical insurer especially if your general medical cover doesn’t explicitly mention dental coverage. Ensuring you have a working financial plan for dental purposes ensures that you never miss a checkup session throughout the year.

Effects of irregular dental check-ups

Just like irregular medical check-up increases the risk of developing serious and undetected illnesses, irregular dental checkups pose an almost similar threat to your teeth and gums. Some dental complications are easy to detect but also disastrous if not treated in time. Once they affect your teeth or gum, they make it hard and expensive to treat. Some of these common problems include cavities, cracks, aches, and tooth sensitivity. They may also be problems affecting the gum such as tender gums that bleed during the brushing process or crooked teeth. These issues need immediate treatment by professional dentists.

There has been a great concern for care in rural communities. We can learn from places like rural Alaska. They show that dental care can be accessible even in the most remote locations.

Given the grave risks irregular checkups pose to your dental health, dental experts recommend that you consider booking regular visits either on a quarterly or bi-monthly basis to your preferred Grand Rapids dentist. Having understood the risks associated with these irregular checks, not even financial restrictions will hinder you from these crucial checkups. For maximum oral health, arrange for an easy and flexible financing plan be it insurance or otherwise with your dentist. Modern dental facilities such as the VanderLugt & Mulder Dental in Grand Rapids have already rolled out some of these flexible plans that members of the public can always subscribe.

A Different Way To Keep Your Stuff Safe While Traveling

Over the years the use of self storage has been consistently on the rise. Place For Your Stuff; a St. Albert self storage facility has stealthily become a beneficial zone for both business and home users who would like to store away items while on an extended vacation. The general public have embraced these businesses and there are many reasons why.

moving couchFirst, facilities like the St. Albert self storage provide clients with security for their items while traveling. The facilities are much safer than storing items in a home or the garage. It is quite evident that the provision of guards and installation of surveillance cameras outdo the vulnerability of just about any average home. However, one must ensure the center they choose has well outlined security measures before they deposit their belongings. This gives one a sense of comfort as they travel. This is both a security and financial measure for travelers because one saves a whole lot of cash by keeping their items safe.

Secondly, Canadian facilities are ample substitutes to warehouses. In the case scenario where a company has a less voluminous inventory according to basic standards, it will be turned back by the warehouses whereas Place For Your Stuff’s St. Albert self storage center takes care of their possessions. This makes them a more favorable option for such companies in case they have to travel.

Thirdly, for most frequently traveling kinds of people, it might be difficult to settle down and they may not own a fixed home. In such cases, Place For Your storage trunksStuff comes in handy. They provide a conducive environment for their valuables and save you from having to drag your stuff everywhere. The fact that the owners can rest assured that their valuables are safe makes their traveling experience even more relaxed and fulfilling. This proves to be way less expensive as compared to carrying valuables everywhere.

Fourthly, a business like their St. Albert self storage provides travelers with amazing flexibility that is advantageous in the case anything comes up while on a trip. For instance, one might need to abort or prolong a trip promptly. They permits one to make these last minute adjustments without imposing fines. The flexibility they exhibit makes them customer friendly. This also helps them to create an excellent rapport with their clients basically because no human likes having added costs.

Lastly, they offer entire packages that include transportation costs. Their St. Albert self storage for example, takes the responsibility of transporting possessions from a travelers location to the facility and when they get back they transport the valuables right back. This not only has a a great monetary advantage to the traveler but also saves them time that can otherwise be invested elsewhere.

The Best Tip For Snowbird


loungingEvery year, millions of snowbirds flock to sunny Phoenix Arizona. You can’t be the weather, everything is relatively cheap down there, and the thousands of activities to enjoy. Studies have showed that 95% of snowbirds that head down to Phoenix insist on having a place with a pool. But since snowbirds aren’t used to having pools, they usually underestimate all the work that need to be put into them constantly. Below are some benefits to using a pool service Phoenix, Arizona company to take this task off your hands, so you have more time to relax and enjoy your summer-y winter.

When you own a pool, you realize that cleaning, substance adjusting, and other pool support can take a considerable measure of time from your occupied timetable. A good choice that has turned out to be progressively well known is contracting a pool administration in Phoenix to handle the majority of your pool’s cleaning and support for you. The unobtrusive expense of employing an expert to benefit your pool just about pays for itself in time you’ll save. A legitimately kept up pool can likewise spare you cash in light of the fact that it can last much longer before requiring repairs.

Pool Service Phoenix AZ is moderately economical. They do much more than essentially scoop out noticeable trash and occasionally dump chemicals into yourcleaning_supplies pool. The time it takes you to altogether clean your pool and check every concoction level is huge. In view of your needs, you can mastermind anything from a one-time administration visit to week by week visits. On the off chance that you exploit this financially savvy benefit just once, you might never need to retreat to cleaning your own pool again.

Fitting compound parity is essential to keeping up your pool. There are numerous sorts of chemicals utilized as a part of swimming pools, and each one of them ought to be adjusted legitimately. Despicable synthetic levels can transmit ailments, cause the development of green growth or mold, cloud the water, and chafe swimmers’ eyes and skin. Compound parity does not happen unintentionally. It requires information of fitting levels for each essential compound and routine testing to guarantee the right adjust.

A spotless pool is not just all the more speaking to utilize, it might likewise last more. Pool Service Phoenix AZ will incorporate skimming, brushing and vacuuming, discharging, and cleaning channels and wicker container. Skimming cleans trash from the water’s surface. This administration is critical and can make a pool unmistakably more clean, however it is just the initial phase in an exhaustive pool cleaning. Brushing the sides uproots development, thumping it to the floor where it can be vacuumed out utilizing suction from your pump. Discharging sends water from the pool in reverse through your channel and out a seepage hose. This expels up from your channel. Crate and channels should likewise be wiped out to keep them utilitarian and free of waste.

This support requires significant investment, and it is hard to keep up on without anyone else. Pool service Phoenix can go to your home at an advantageous time for you, giving routine upkeep and cleaning. With the consistent support your pool gets, it can be a more beneficial spot to unwind, and you may find that you have more spare cash, on the grounds that it will last more without the repairs that an unmaintained pool would require.

Financing Your PPC Campaign

When it comes to generating traffic to your website and eventually converting the visitors into actual clients, pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns are a good way to start off. What happens in these campaigns is that you pay a PPC Company like Facebook, Google and Bing to display your website when the most relevant searches are made by their visitors. In Pay Per Click Advertising, you only pay for the results you get. Payments are only made to the affiliate website if and when a link to a website is clicked. With PPC campaigns, you are assured of getting clicks to your website whenever a keyword related to what you offer is used to query the affiliate website.

With the many benefits you reap from pay-per-click advertising, it’s a worthwhile form of marketing. But how do you get to know the right company to hire and how do you finance the campaign? What one PPC company will charge you is not what another will. It depends on the number of users it exposes your website to and the likelihood of those clicks turning into actual clients.

breakdown cost of ppcThere are two modes of paying for pay-per-click advertising that a PPC company can allow. There is the flat-rate and the bid-based PPC. In Flat-rate PPC, the company selling the services sets a fixed amount to be paid for each click. They will probably have a pay-rate card showing the charges in different parts of their websites. These will differ from one part of the website to another depending on how valuable the clicks generated from there will be to your business. A company that will use this mode is mainly a comparison shopping engine. Their ads are compartmentalized into categories and, therefore, allow specific client targeting by advertisers. With the flat-rates, you can ask for a lower charge if making a long-term contract or pay more for your website to rank highly.

Another way to finance campaigns is bid-based. In this kind of financing, you are required to sign a contract with the PPC company you are working with to allow you compete in private auctions hosted by the company. You then state how much you are willing to pay for a particular ad spot depending on the keywords an interested client searches for. Other advertisers also do the same and every time an interested client searches for the specified keywords or related phrases, the automatic bid is run and the highest bidder picked, so their ad appears on top of the ranking. This is the system used by major search engines with minimal specificity guarantee but many users. They include Bing, Yahoo and Google.

So, do you opt for fixed rate or bid-based? This question lacks this or that answer. Choose what is within your budget and what you think will give your business the best returns.

Traveling With A Super Bug

MRSA infections are among the most feared infections in the world. Medical professionals find it more difficult to figure out how to treat MRSA infections because most MRSA-infected persons develop some resistance to antibiotics. Therefore, it is very important for infected people to try their best to avoid re-infections, because re-infections can easily worsen the infected persons’ health statuses.

When an infected person is traveling to a place where there is a possibility of being re-infected or infecting others, he/she should invest in the following six items:

  • sweatproof gloves
  • personal bathing towels
  • closed shoes
  • bandages
  • bathing soaps
  • soap dishes

These items help to prevent any contacts with fluids from infected persons. Usually, MRSA infections are spread when a person gets into contact with fluids from another infected person. The following tips will help people learn how to treat MRSA when they are traveling.

treating MRSA
1. Carry plenty of sweat proof hand gloves. If you are infected and you are traveling to a place where you are likely to meet MRSA-infected people with whom you will shake hands, you should carry plenty of sweatproof hand gloves. Failure to do so will increase the probability of acquiring worse MRSA infections which would definitely worsen your health status.You should carry at least two hand gloves to minimize a possible re-infection when shaking hands.

2. Carry personal bathing towel. MRSA infections are usually spread when infected people make skin contacts with uninfected people. The entry of fluids from the bodies of infected persons to the bodies of uninfected persons facilitate the spread of the infections. When you spend a night in a lodging, you should avoid using the bathing towels provided by the lodging since the towel might have been used by another person with a worse MRSA infection. You may end up re-infecting yourself if you use the towels provided by the lodging.

3. Wear closed shoes. Closed shoes minimize the possibility of making contacts with the fluids from infected persons. If you intend to visit patients in a hospital, you should wear closed shoes since any contact with the fluids from any MRSA-infected patient may cause a re-infection. Closed shoes are particularly important when you go for a short call in the hospital washrooms.

4. Carry plenty of bandages if you have some wounds on your hands or feet. If for any reason you must remove the bandage covering any wound(for example, if it becomes excessively wet), you must replace it with a new one. Exposure of naked wounds increases the probability of acquiring more serious MRSA infections.

Do not share bathing soaps and soap dishes. You should never share bathing soaps or soap dishes provided in lodgings. The soaps and soap dishes may retain some MRSA-infected fluids which would infect another person.

The sections above have explained some tips on how to treat MRSA while traveling, and what to invest in. The main point is to avoid re-infection and to avoid infecting others. You should never underestimate the importance of carrying the items mentioned above.

Important Currency Info For Travelers

Currency that the people control. No government involvement, no physical money. This is the wave of the future and will make a huge advantage for travelers. The ease on knowing that your money won’t get stolen?!! That is a great comfort. So we here at My Travel Money find it particularly important that you understand and learn exactly how to buy bitcoins so you yourself will have that comfort. So let’s talk about digital currency.

In the year 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto, a pseudonymous developer, introduced a peer-to-peer digital currency and payment network, which had public transaction log. These digital currencies and payment network is what is called bitcoin and is sometimes referred to as crypto-currency, mainly because it utilizes public-key cryptography. The introduction of bitcoin was marred by many hitches such the 2009 exploit that led to development of unlimited bitcoin.

Since their introduction, bitcoin has experienced rapid appreciation in value in relation to some of the world’s highly recognized digital currencies such as the American dollar, the British pound, and the euro. Precisely, in 2011 the value of bitcoin was equal to around $32 and $0.30. However, this value later fell to as low as $2.

Three years after introduction, which is in 2012, people learned how to buy bitcoins and it began to get attention from the media. Many articles and news items were then written about bitcoin. This rising popularity, would later in the year 2013 lead to the acceptance of this currency by some of the mainstream services like Foodler, Humble Bundle, Baidu and OkCupid. In the same year, bitcoin experienced the first legal intervention by law enforcement. The assets of Mt. Gox were seized. In addition, this lawful intervention also saw the shutdown of the Silk Road drugs marketplace, in the same year.

During the month of November 2013, there was a major take-over with Europe based Bitstamp and japan based Mt. Gox bitcoin being overtaken by BTC china to become the biggest bitcoin trading exchange through trade volume.

Towards the end of the year 2013, bitcoin received a major setback when the Chinese government banned its banks from using bitcoin in all their transactions within the borders of the country. However, the citizens had the free will of using the bitcoin in transactions in the country. This action led to a fall in the value of bitcoin in china as the new rules could not warrant the exchange of bitcoin for the country’s local currency.

Transactions with bitcoin are not like the normal currency transactions, as with bitcoin, there is actually no real exchange between the buyer and the seller that takes place. Instead, the buyer does what is known as blockchain, which is the requesting of an update to a given public transaction log. The blockchain shows what people currently own including what they owned in the past in terms of bitcoin and it is managed by a decentralized network system that ascertains and time-stamps payments by using a proof-of-work system. The people who manage this system are commonly known as ‘miner’ and they are paid with newly minted bitcoin and transaction fees.

Because of the close ties between bitcoin and fraud, bitcoin have had to be subjected to forensic scrutiny by many nations that accept their use within their borders. This process has led to divergent opinions regarding the usage of bitcoin by different states. For instance, The Federal Government of America is the only government that has taken positives in using bitcoin and allowed free usage of the currency by its citizens. However, other governments such as the Chinese government has barred its private banks from using bitcoin in all transactions and the European banking authority has cautioned that bitcoin is not worth transacting with as it lacks consumer protection.

Bitcoin can be used for payment of goods and services in the countries that accept it. The advantage of using it is that the transaction fees are relatively smaller than the high percentages around 2% and 3% that are imposed on processing a credit card. Some of the merchants accepting the use of bitcoin include; WordPress, OkCupid, Virgin Galastic and Reddit.

If you would like to learn more, which we suggest you do, visit It’s the way of the future so go learn how to buy those bitcoins for yourself!


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